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In March 2010, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) issued a set of guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility in order to formalise the way CSR is done in the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). This move led to the formation of National Corporate Social Responsibility Hub (NCSR Hub) which would perform the following functions:

  • Nation-wide compilation, documentation, and creation of database
  • Advocacy and Research
  • Preparation of Panels of Implementing organisations/ monitoring and valuation Agencies
  • Promotional activities, including production of short films, printing of brochures, pamphlets etc.
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops – both national and international
  • Act as a Think Tank
  • Any other matter as entrusted to it from time to time by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE)

The NCSR Hub was formally launched on 21st March, 2011 to focus on the mammoth task of developing a strategic framework for CSR in India. The Hub strives to assist an enterprise by guiding them towards appropriate business processes and by building strategies to fulfil the social responsibilities of an organisation which helps them evolve their relationships with stakeholders for the common good, and demonstrates their commitment by adoption of responsible business practices.

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Proposal Bank

The National CSR Hub has come up with the concept of a national level repository of social sector projects that are scrutinised for programmatic and financial soundness and ready for receiving funds. Thus, was launched the National CSR Hub Proposal Bank at the third TISS-UNICEF Regional Capacity Building Workshop for Empanelled Development Partners, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 25th April 2016. The Proposal Bank is a collection of the outstanding flagship project proposals of the empanelled development partners of the Hub. Companies are in search for such outstanding projects and NGOs need funds to implement such projects. There is often a disconnect between the two sectors which has caused a delay in the implementation of CSR activities.

At the moment, the Proposal Bank is only open to the empanelled development partners of National CSR Hub; each empanelled development partner can submit one project proposal each towards the Proposal Bank. The proposals submitted by the development partners are subjected to intense scrutiny. The scrutiny process has two main stages: review by the National CSR Hub team, and scrutiny and analysis by the Faculty Mentors and Advisors of the Proposal Bank. Consistency with legal parameters, impact orientation, innovativeness, replicability, sustainability, community needs-based justification and geographical and social targeting are among the major parameters applied in the scrutiny process. Only highly outstanding proposals would be finally accepted into the Proposal Bank. The list of proposals selected into the Proposal Bank will be made available to Companies and other funders and also on the National CSR Hub website. Reasonable efforts will be taken by the Hub to pro-actively connect accepted proposals with interested companies and companies that are thematically and geographically well-suited to support them.

This intervention by the Hub towards linking the Not for Profits to companies is a step ahead in bridging the skills, knowledge, relationship, and resource gaps between the Corporate and NGO sector. For more information visit the National CSR Hub website at or write to [email protected].

For further details on the project proposals, Kindly contact the National CSR Hub, TISS, Mumbai.
Contact Details:
Dr Ananya Samajdar/Ms Nimisha Shah
Room No 1004, 10th Floor,
M.S. Gore Building, Naoroji Campus,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
V.N. Purav Marg, Deonar – 400088
Phone no – (022) 25525843 / 25525848
Email Id: [email protected]

Important Documents:


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