Invitation of proposals for financial assistance from NGOs for grant-in-aid for action oriented proposals on Promotion, Conservation and Preservation of Environment- GOVT OF DELHI


The plan scheme of Assistance to NGOs in the Promotion, conservation and Preservation of Environment is coordinated by:
Dr. Chetna Anand, Scientist,
Department of Environment,
Govt. of NCT of Delhi,,
6th Level, C-Wing, Delhi Secretariat,
I.P.Estate, New Delhi – 110002
Phone No. 23392029
Department of Environment
Govt. of NCT of Delhi
6th Level, C -Wing, Delhi Secretariat, I. P. Estate, New Delhi-110002


The Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT Delhi has the responsibility of improving the Environmental Quality in Delhi. The Department is actively engaged in assessment, monitoring & protection of environment, pollution monitoring and control, enhancement of green cover, Climate Changes and related issues as well as spreading of awareness among the people of Delhi, along with its following autonomous/regulatory bodies/agencies/institutions/centers.

1. Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)
2. Delhi Parks & Garden Society (DPGS)
3. Mahatama Gandhi Institute of Combating Climate Change (MGICCC)


The Department is actively engaged in overall environmental education, assessment, monitoring, protection and awareness building among the people of Delhi. A multidimensional approach is being adopted by the Department for promotion, conservation and preservation of environment of the NCT of Delhi. The Department is actively involved in following activities:
• Policy making towards pollution control.
• Promoting various programs to make Delhi, Clean, Green and Pollution free
• Organizing tree plantation programs in schools, residential areas, parks, industrial areas etc.
• Creating awareness among public and sanitary workers to stop the indiscriminate burning of waste/leaves that causes air pollution.
• Assistance to NGO’s/institutions and funding for suitable R&D projects.

• Policy interventions to reduce Air & Noise pollution.
• Formulation of short term & long term action plan for control of Air and Noise pollution.
• Policy interventions to reduce water pollution.
• Promoting an ethos of conservation of water by minimizing the use of water and curtailing wastage of water.
• Coordinating the programmes pertaining to river Yamuna for improving water quality.
• Promoting Rainwater harvesting systems in all sectors such as domestic, schools & various institutions etc.
Solid Waste Management
• Motivating the citizens to imbibe habits and life styles supportive of minimum waste generation, segregation of waste at source, disposing off the waste at the nearest collection point.
• Composting of horticulture and kitchen waste for making manure which could be used in kitchen gardens, nurseries, parks etc.
• Sensitizing the citizens to minimize the use of plastic bags and not to throw them in public places because they choke drains and sewers. Being non-biodegradable, plastic bags cause water logging by blocking drains and provide breeding ground for mosquitoes. The citizens are encouraged to use eco-friendly alternatives like jute, cloth and recycled paper bags.
• Educating the citizens about reuse of waste material by promoting the concept of the three R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
• Policy interventions to scientific management of various kinds of solid waste like plastic waste hazardous waste, municipal solid waste etc.
• Providing decentralized waste management.
• Promotion of Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Biofuel facilities in order to ensure zero waste cities and reduce the burden on the landfills.
• Motivating the citizens to dispose off their e-waste through authorized collection centre/Recycler.
Climate Change
• Motivating citizens of Delhi to keep surroundings clean and green.
• Creating awareness for celebrating festivals like Diwali, Holi etc. in a pollution free & environmental friendly way.
• Dissemination of environmental information.
• Research & Development activities for data base creation on various environmental issues.

Implementation of Plan Schemes
S. No. Name of Schemes
1 Public Environmental Awareness and Other related Activities
2 Eco Clubs in Schools and Colleges.
3 Pollution Control and Environment Management.
4 Environment Data Generation, Survey, Research Project and Other Activities.
5 Assistance to NGOs in the Promotion, Conservation and Preservation of Environment.
6 Involvement of Weaker Sections of Society in Improvement & Up gradation of the Environment.
7 Integrated Waste Management and other related activities
8 Climate Change & other activities
9 Science Technology Awareness Programme
10 Delhi Parks and Garden Society (Grant-in-aid)
Apart from these schemes, the Department is actively engaged in creating awareness about environmental aspects. Framing of policy pertaining to Environmental issues is also one of the major area of works of this Department.


Apart from creating general awareness following services are being provided to specific target groups:

For Schools & Colleges

Department of Environment provides grant @ Rs. 20000-/ to each Eco Club Schools/Colleges for undertaking various eco-friendly activities. This scheme has been the front-runner for dissemination of clean environmental practices and habits. Environmental friendly slogans such as ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’, ‘Say No to Crackers’, ‘Khello Holi Naturally’, ‘Zero Garbage’, and ‘Paper Recycling’ etc. have been the basic tenets. The procedure for enrolment of schools under the scheme for establishing Eco-Club is simple. The requisite Performa is available on the website
After completion of the programme in a given financial year under the eco-club scheme the schools/colleges are required to submit the utilization/detailed report on various activities taken up during the year in the prescribed Performa.

For NGOs

The main purpose of the scheme namely “Assistance to Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) in the promotion, conservation and preservation of Environment” and weaker section schemes “Involvement of Weaker Sections of Society in improvement and up gradation of the Environment” promotes and assists various NGOs in the conservation and preservation of environment and pollution control activities. NGOs play a vital role in the popularization of Govt. policies towards controlling the degradation of environment and in the identification of local problems.
The objective of the scheme is to utilize the expertise of the NGOs engaged in environment related activities for developing various action oriented programmes and to provide financial support to NGOs towards this end.

For Research Organizations

The objective of the scheme namely “Environment Data generation, survey, Research, Projects and other activities” is to conduct need based environmental research survey and data generation on quantum of pollutants generated from various sources such as Industries, Vehicles, Thermal Power Stations, Domestic Sector and the impact of pollutants on the Ambient Air and Water bodies in Delhi. Under the scheme, various environmental studies through NGO’s, reputed consultancy organizations, Research and Academic Institutions are conducted by providing necessary financial assistance to them.

Time bound Delivery Services under e-SLA

As per provision, grant to Eco-clubs should be released within 30 days. Dr. B. C. Sabata, S.S.O. is the Competent Authority under SLA and Director (Environment) is the Appellate Authority.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:-

Dy. Secretary (Environment) has been nominated as Public Grievance Officer of this Department. Public Grievance Officer will receive and hear a grievance of the public during office hours. He is also the State Public Information Officer under the Right to Information Act -2005 & D.R.T.I Act. 2001. The Secretary (Environment) is the First Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act – 2005.
We request Schools, Research Organizations/NGOs and other Concerned Organizations seeking Grant in aid or financial assistance to:
• Send proposals for our scheme in the prescribed Performa.
• Complete the prescribed Performa before forwarding the proposals.
• Visit our website for further details.
Following Officers of this department may be contacted:

S. No. Name Designation Phone No.
1. Sh. Ashwani Kumar Secretary (Env) 23392108
2. Sh. Kulanand Joshi Special Secretary (Env) 23392306
3 Dr. Anil Kumar Director (Env) 23392029
4 Sh. Jitendra Kumar Arora Dy. Secretary (Env) 23392028
5 Dr. B.C. Sabata Sr. Scientific Officer 23392032
6 Smt. Nigam Agarwal Sr. Scientific Officer 23392037
7 Dr. Chetna Anand Scientist 23392029
8 Sh. Manoj Kumar Superintendent 23392037
9 Sh. Tara Singh A.A.O. 23392028

The Department does not have much public interface and is not providing direct service to people. However, efforts are continuously made to improve the efficiency, transparency and quality of output.


We except Eco-Club in every School, institutions and resident welfare associations with a commitment to work for betterment and improvement of environment and improvement in public health.
• To imbibe the habit of conservation of natural resources and respect for the laws of nature.
• To adhere and abide by the Environment Rules and Regulations towards protections of environment and flora and fauna.
• To share information with other citizens in order to encourage sustainable development and improve our habitat.
• To adopt the precepts of “Environmental Ethics:
• To make Delhi Clean and Green

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